Tree of Tranquility

Yoga for Life

A Little Yoga Goes a Long Way

If you’re looking for a Yoga experience to enhance your health and wellbeing, and help you relax, re-center and balance, Tree of Tranquility can help – classes, courses, one-to-one’s and more – creating time and space for you to become reacquainted with you, because after all, you are amazing.

A lovely, relaxed environment, bringing you a calm oasis in a fast-paced world, check out what I can offer you below, and let’s have some fun.

Paula Harvey, BSYA

Yoga Classes and You

Yoga is such a personal experience and I like to encourage that, offering a calm, safe space where you can explore Yoga in your own way, and whatever your experience, everyone’s welcome You’ll be offered guidance and encouragement to find your own expression; to trust in your own inner knowing – creating an experience that helps you become the expert in your own practice.

Your Space, Your Time, Your Yoga

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are”

Jason Crandell

Workshops, Courses and Retreats

I offer a range of experiences where you can explore yourself a little more through the magic of Yoga – a chance to access your beautiful inner stillness that can sustain you through the hussle and bussle of daily life.

The foundation of Yoga lies in its connection with the natural world and how it reminds us that we are part of that world – this connection helps us to live our lives according to our natural rhythms, so essential for our ongoing health and well-being, and when it comes to the workshops, courses, and retreats I offer – this ethos is central to each.

Yes, Yoga absolutely offers the perfect opportunity to explore and be curious about you – and I’d love you to join me and immerse yourself a little deeper into your ultimate reality.

One to One

As well as teaching Yoga, I’m also a complementary therapist, offering a range of one-to-one treatments, whether you’re looking for relief for a specific problem or as a way to help you maintain and improve your overall health and well-being, I’d love to hear from you.

In truth Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time

Ganga White

Sharing the Experience of Yoga

Relaxed & Calm

My body generally feels nicely stretched all over and I feel relaxed and calm – I enjoy the feeling that this time is for me with no interference from anything else.  Paula has a calm manner and is relaxed in her approach.  She responds to the needs of the class be it their age or mobility.  I don’t feel any pressure to have to do every stretch ‘just go as far as feels good for you’ is her advice. A unique part of Paula’s classes is the fun and humour that she brings to the session and the relaxation at the end of each session is sublime.

Mind & Body

I feel less stiff in my joints and more relaxed – you have a good descriptive & calm way of talking us into the position – each class is different, we may repeat some moves but usually there is something different each week – once into the relaxation at the end I can feel my mind and body relaxing down onto the floor whereas at the start the back will be tense and off the floor.

Very Calming

I’ve learnt to slow down, to breathe, to think about things rather than just doing things, that my body and mind feel so much better for doing Yoga.  You are very calm and calming, you have a beautiful energy.  You have so many other skills as well as teaching Yoga – Reiki, massage, spirituality etc.  You are a really genuine person …………I feel lucky to have you in my life.  


I feel rejuvenated when I come out of class and calm and I’m more flexible, calm and relaxed in my day to day activities – you are calm and friendly and show a caring attitude.  I like how you say just have a go at whatever level of flexibility each individual is at, your delivery of the session is at a pace I like not rushed or must do.

Totally Relaxed

My long term gains from coming to Yoga have been stretches and strengthening and relaxation and feeling positive and learning how to focus and switch off.


I enjoy the benefits of relaxation and meditation and your clear and concise instruction, no pressure, fun and relaxed – my personal gains have been to let go of tension, relax more and BREATHE.

Calm & Flexible

My body feels stronger and more flexible – I feel calmer and less stressed – well planned lessons, everyone is encouraged to have a go and do what they can – I struggle with the balancing, but I am improving.